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What is the Operations Management Suite Experience Center?

You will log-in as an administrator for an enterprise organization, Contoso. The environment has 500 servers, running on-premises as well as the cloud – in both Azure and AWS. The on-premises system is managed by System Center, and the key workloads being monitoring include; Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and even MySQL running on Linux.

Management and Security services

Insight and Analytics. Gain deeper insights into applications and workloads with log analytics. Separate the signal from the noise. Collect, correlate and act on log data from multiple systems in a single view. Map and understand the dependencies of workloads and applications, and address incidents quickly with flexible search, and custom alerts.

Security and Compliance. Threat detection and prevention through advanced cloud security. Prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased visibility. Take control of cloud security by defining policies that recommend and monitor security configurations. Leverage Microsoft security data and analysis to perform more intelligent and effective threat detection.

Automation and Control. Increase control with automation and configuration management. Deliver continuous IT services and manage rapid change across heterogeneous environments. Take control of your environment by remediating operational issues, so you get time back to focus on work that adds business value. Keep service levels high and mitigate risk to enable a consistent enterprise. Transform complex and repetitive tasks with IT automation.

Protection and Recovery. Ensure data protection with cloud backup and disaster recovery. Integrated cloud backup and disaster recovery provide a simple and cost-effective solution to protect enterprise applications and data irrespective of its location. Automate the orderly recovery of services in the event of a site outage at the primary datacenter. Reduce cost and increase compliance with efficient and flexible online cloud backup and recovery services.